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Najd National Schools



Najd National School, (N.N.S.) is accredited by the KSA Ministry of Education, and renowned as one of the most prominent schools in Saudi Arabia. It was founded by Rafik Hariri in 1983 as a blessed torch offering students a distinguished educational service.

The school consists of separate sections for boys and girls, except for the pre-elementary years. Both boys' and girls' sections include grades one through twelve and use Arabic as Language of instruction with intensive Programs for English and French. The school’s target is to build a balanced, confident, and educated individual who possesses a critical mind while maintaining one's identity and principles, so he/she could uphold leadership positions and be loyal to his/her country and religion 


Najd National Schools - Riyadh

Tel: +966 4563288 / +966 2050012

Fax: +966 4563932