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Strategic Objectives

♦ Widen the scope and diversify the nature of work assumed by the educational establishments affiliated to the Foundation, with the objective to cultivate the students’ potentials, unfold their skills, deepen their national belonging and enhance their openness to world cultures, all in a climate of freedom of expression.  

♦ Strengthen the bondage with the RHF 36,000 graduate students (1984-2012) using to that end various platforms as well as various communication tools and channels in order to shed light on their achievements and accomplishments and see to the utilization thereof for the general good of Lebanon.

♦ Intensify and up-grade the quality of social and health services rendered by its network of primary health care centers and by the bureau of social and relief services.

♦ Organize, host and take part in quality intellectual, cultural and social activities that promote the exposure and advancement of Lebanese talents.

♦ Ensure the sustainability of all operations and endeavours of the Foundation through various means, including dissemination, publicity and fund raising.

♦  Build bridges with the Foundation counterparts, at the national, regional and international levels, to collaborate in realizing common goals and aspirations.