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Rafik Hariri Foundation Publications

Rafik Hariri Foundation publishes research projects and studies in several fields and have them available and accessible to all:

Publications by Rafik Hariri Foundation  
Title Language Year
Conference Proceedings :Educational Innovation "The Impact of Frontiers Technologies on Education and Youth" Trilingual A/F/E 2019
Conference Proceedings : Educational Innovation - Culture of sustainability:A framework for long term educational strategy Trilingual A/F/E 2018
Observatory of Languages / Arabic  and its sisters in the Arab cultural club A 2018

Conference Proceedings : Educational Innovation - Through Strategic Cooperation Among Educational Establishments: Philosophy, Mechanisms, Challenges & Success Stories

Trilingual A/F/E 2017
Conference proceedings : Coping with water scarcity Trilingual A/F/E 2016

Conference proceedings : Educational Innovation - Through Seamless transition from school to university

Trilingual A/F/E 2016
Conference proceedings : Educational Innovation - Through Community Service Trilingual A/F/E 2015
Portalingua - USJ Arabic/French 2015
Conference proceedings : Arabic within the context of multilingualism Arabic/French 2014
Conference proceedings : Educational Innovation - Teacher Training Trilingual A/F/E 2014
Conference proceedings  "Water, Food and Energy Nexus" Arabic/English 2014
Conference proceedings : Educational Innovation - Practices in School Development Trilingual A/F/E 2013
A promising Future (2) Arabic/English 2010
The Future is of your choice II (10 Volumes) Arabic 2005
Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts of Hariri Foundation graduates 1984-2001  Arabic 2005
A Promising Future (1) Arabic/English 2004
Educational Difficulties (7) Arabic 2002
Beirut the Protected Arabic 2002
Dialogue of Cultures and Religion English/French 2001
New Curriculum Evaluation for grades 7,8,10,11 (5) Arabic 2000
Educational Evaluation III French 2000
Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts of Hariri Foundation graduates (1984-1999) Arabic 1999
Educational Evaluation :A Tool for Better Education Process (6) Arabic 1999
The Generations of Hariri Foundation (vol3) 1994-1997 Arabic 1999
Math Evaluation Arabic 1997
Dialogue and coexistence among factions and religions - the Lebanese Model (4) Arabic 1996
Measurement and Evaluation in English as a Second Language (2) English 1995
Educational Evaluation an Instrument on Educational Guidance (1) Arabic 1994
Generation on the artistic Creativity Arabic 1994
Hariri Foundation Generations Vol (2)  1991-1993 Arabic 1994
Hariri Foundation Generations Vol (1)  1984-1990 Arabic 1994
Islam and the Moslems of the World French 1993
Lebanon: the History and the Heritage(2 volumes) Arabic 1993
Hariri Foundation Generations on the road of artistic creativity Arabic 1993
Hariri Foundation: background and activities Arabic 1990
Universities Guide Arabic 1990
The Future is of your choice I Arabic 1990
Lebanon at present: Needs for development Ar/Eng/Fr 1987

Total : 36 Publication

Publications Supported by Rafik Hariri Foundation.
Title Author Year Language 
The Grand Serail Ayman Trawi 1999 Ar/Eng/Fr
Beirut/ The Wars of Destruction and Perspectives of Reconstruction added editions at later dates Ayman Trawi 2002 Ar/Eng/Fr
The Museum of Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Mostapha Farroukh 2003 Arabic
" Manzoul Beirut" ( a symbol of hospitality) Abdel Latif Fakhoury 2003 Arabic
Rafic Hariri the Phenomenon: a Humanitarian and a Statesman Dr. Kaled Ahmad El
2004 Arabic
Rafic Hariri the Martyr testimonies Ahmad al Zoobi 2005 Arabic
The Tribunal of Rafik Hariri Dr. Ali Tomi 2005 Arabic
Poetic Reflections on Rafik Hariri Samir Shareffedine 2005 Arabic
Rafic Hariri: an Encyclopedia of Lebanon (19 vol) Joseph Sakr 2005 Arabic
Encyclopedia on Rafik Hariri the Matryr of Lebanon (10 vol) Omar Salloum 2005 Arabic
Encyclopedia: on the life path of Rafik Hariri ( 10 vol) M. Said El Lahham 2005 Arabic
The Piano of Numerals, Rafik Hariri of February 14 Yihya Jaber 2005 Arabic
Martyr Rafic Hariri: the Dream, the Reality and the Loss Rami el Rayes 2005 Arabic
Rafic of Beirut: a story of Passion Abdel Latif Fakhoury 2005 Arabic
Expressive Photos Arabic Center
for information
2005 Arabic
Rafic Hariri a Man for the History Farouk Barbir 2005 Arabic
Martyr P.M. Rafik Hariri " Biography of a leader and a nation" Dr. Hassan Hallak 2006 Arabic
Detlive Miliss: the Investigation and its repercussions Dr. M. Kobeissi 2006 Arabic
Lebanon and the UN resolution 1559 and its repercussions Rana Abudaher Rifaii 2006 Arabic
Achievements and Performance of Martyr Rafik Hariri Joseph Stephan 2006 French
From Truth to Justice Dr. M. Kobeissi 2006 Arabic
Rafic Hariri and the Destiny of Lebanon Marwan Iskandar 2007 Arabic
The Encyclopedia of Rafic Hariri: from Rafic to Saad (18 vol) Arab Cultural Union
Publishing House
2007 Arabic
Killing Mr Lebanon Nicolas Blankford 2007 Arabic
The stumbling in National State Building Imad Hamdan 2011 Arabic

Total : 26 Publication