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Rafic Hariri High School - Saida

Established in 1982, under the name of “New Sidon School” and as part of the kfar Falous complex, the school was relocated in 1985 to be in saida proper , following the tragedic events in the area. It was made sure to have the relocated school maintain the reputation of being among the most developed schools in Lebanon, to be modern and well equipped, specially when it comes to its laboratories, athletics and classrooms. In addition, it has a theater of five hundred seats, and serving as a center for many theatrical, musical and cultural activities for the Sidonian community. RHHS, which is coeducational and can accommodate up to 2000 students, follows in its French and English sections, the Lebanese curriculum, still in line with its mission that stipulates opening up to the national and international cultures and disciplines


Rafic Hariri High School - Saida

Tel: +961 7 723551 / +961 7 723986

Fax: +961 7 722741

P.O.Box: 384 Saidon-Lebanon