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«Observatory of Arabic Languages and its Sisters in a year»

March 21, 2019



The Arab Cultural Forum organized a symposium entitled:

«Observatory of Arabic Languages ​​and its Sisters in a year»

in its center in Alhamra in the presence of a crowd of personalities and interested persons.

 Bahij Tabbara representing the wife of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Ms. Nazek Hariri, and

 Mr. Gabriel Sestiaga, representatives of the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon.

The seminar was presented by the writer Nermin Khansa welcoming guests and attendees in the club 

which is always seeking to establish cultural activities to be a forum for dialogue.

The Director of the Rafik Hariri Foundation, Ms. Salwa Al-Siniora, spoke to the Director of the Foundation, Ms. Nazik Hariri,

 noting the Arab Cultural Club, which hosted the Observatory of Arabic Languages ​​and its Sisters a year ago, 

by virtue of its commitment to intellectual, cultural and cultural issues. She praised the cooperation between Hariri Foundation,

and  St. Joseph University and the Spanish Embassy, ​​which produced the birth of the observatory. She referred to the effort

 he has made to monitor the impact of the Arabic language and its vocabulary on the newcomer. 

She reviewed the intervention of Dr. Ismail Serag el din, the founding president of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

 on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its breakthrough in the field of languages.

 She spoke of the hierarchy of the use of languages ​​globally and of studies indicating that there are no permanent languages

Professor Henry Oweis, Director of the Observatory of Languages ​​at Saint Joseph University, spoke about the issues

 and concerns of the language, the specificity of the small country and the expression of the crisis as focal points for the Observatory.

The presentation of the working map through the charts and the work team and what is expected is a cross-section

 of the projects launched by the observatory, including "Arabic wears a Spanish dress":

 "A Thousand and One Nights model" "Arabic-French and Arabic social and cultural vagaries in a number of Arab countries" .

Dr. Lama Al-Husseini then presented the results of a study conducted at the Saint Joseph University on the use of terminology in Arabic

especially in the media, and reviewed how Al-Nahar and Al-Akhbar newspapers deal with many linguistic terms

that take priority according to the files presented.

In conclusion, a dialogue and discussion was held on the means of protecting the Arabic language in the era of technology.